What I have I learned In This First Month Of Business

Apparently, I don't know what I'm doing. Are we suppose to know what we're doing in the beginning? Ok. Just checking.  I would have loved to make $1,000 or more on day one. Well, that did not happen. What I have learned is that I will need to continue to research. I need to figure out the audience that I want to speak too. I learned that I will not make a million dollars in a week. I was measuring success by monetary means. I was successful by simply launching the business. I sat on it and studied and soaked in all the information I could but faith without works is dead.

Now that I have launched, I'm not scared anymore. Step one is complete.  I'll keep pushing and I hope you'll continue the journey with me. If you have a business, remember these things. It won't happen in one day. It may not happen in a week, in a month, or even in year but if this is your passion and you bet on yourself, IT WILL HAPPEN.

Starve your distraction. Feed your focus. 

Monique B. 



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