What Is A Dope Ass Single Mom?

Hi PGP Family,

Why am I showcasing this collection for The Dope Single Mom?

I wanted to talk to an audience that was untapped. An audience that was neglected. An audience that is special but is rarely told that. I realized that I wanted to talk to women like me. Single mother's exude a strength they don't realize they have. We get up each day to take care of our families with little to no help. 

We are DOPE, not only because of the way we take care of our family or the way we stretch pennies to make the impossible happen. We are DOPE because we show up. We show up when the weight of it all becomes too much. We show up with a smile and lunches made when the bills are behind and the phone won't stop ringing. We show up when the kids are crying for the new toy and the new pair of shoes and we simply don't have it. We show up when our hearts and minds are completely drained and all we want is to lay in the bed buried under the covers. 

No matter how you became a single mom, whether it was bad choice in men, widow, or divorce- you are DOPE mama. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

You are a DOPE single mom because with every blow that was sent to destroy you,  YOU KEEP SHOWING UP.

To me- that's the definition of strength. That's the definition of a Dope Single Mom. 

Whether you are a Dope Single Mom or you know one. I hope you find something in this collection that you love and want to share with them.

Continue to be blessed. 

Monique B.

PrettyGirlzPrintz(Owner and CEO) 


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